Beatriz at Dinner

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Beatriz at Dinner is about two protagonists on both ends of the political spectrum. On one end is Beatriz an immigrant from a poor town in Mexico and on the other end is Doug Strutt a brash, cutthroat, take no prisoner real estate developer billionaire. The two clash and collide when the two meet at a dinner party.

Beatriz is a holistic health practitioner and massage therapist who is into preserving nature while Doug Strutt is a powerful and callous real estate developer who does not care about the environment as long as his projects get build. The two meets at a small and intimate fancy dinner party held at a seaside mansion in Newport Beach, California owned by a business partner of Doug where Doug is the guest of honor. Beatriz did not actually get invited to the dinner party but she gets stranded in the house of the party host because her car broke down after giving the host a massage. Cathy the house owner’s “liberal-guilt” attitude leads her to invite Beatriz to stay for dinner.

Beatriz at Dinner is a political satire about the present state of politics. Beatriz represents the left, somebody who cares about the environment and nature; Doug representing somebody currently occupying the White House, third wife in tow to the party and somebody who likes to the thrill of hunting animals in Africa. The two start to collide as soon as they are seated for dinner. Doug insults immigrants and laugh off environmentalists’ objections to his hotel projects. Beatriz is horrified and with the help of alcohol confronted Doug. Their banter is sometimes funny but mostly awkward for the other dinner guest, and for the movie audience.

Salma Hayek as Beatriz and John Lithgow as Doug Strutt delivered stunning performance, the movie is well written with plot easy to follow. You may not like the movie if you are into big budget summer movies with a lot of explosions or watch Fox.

It stars Salma Hayek as Beatriz, John Lithgow as Doug Strutt, Cathy Britton as Cathy, directed by Miguel Arleta and written by Mike White.